Michael Bustamante

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Optometry and Ophthalmic Technician Programs

13th February 2008
Helping people to see better and maintaining eye health has always been the primary focus of optometry and ophthalmic technician programs. Vocational schools provide course-intensive training in optometry and ophthalmic technology for exciting careers in ... Read >

Parapsychology Online Schools

20th January 2008
The parapsychic sciences teach us that there is more to our existence than meets the eye, and you can learn to be a parapsychologist via the Internet from online parapsychology schools. You don't have to peer into a crystal ball to see what this can mean ... Read >

Certified Surgical Assistant Programs

20th January 2008
Those who are seeking an important position in the medical profession should look to certified surgical assistant programs where they can become certified operating room assistants. In the operating room, patient safety is the top priority and the role of... Read >

Parapsychology Schools Teach Parapsychic Sciences

20th January 2008
Those who are fascinated by the parapsychic sciences should look into parapsychology schools. The word parapsychology is derived from the Latin word "para" (which means beyond) and psychology; it literally means "beyond psychology." Schools for parapsycho... Read >